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God is stirring in His people a relentless desire for Jesus and His kingdom, calling His sons and daughters to go into all the earth and reach the last, the least, the lost. As we prepare to go, Father God wants to first prepare our hearts for all He has for us. At Iris Central Coast Leaders School, we will take time to allow God to heal us and to secure us as His sons and daughters. Each student will experience significant ministry in the love of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit while learning vital, foundational realities about God’s heart for us, our identity in Christ, intimacy with God, hearing God’s voice, and the ministry skills to bring God’s kingdom of power and love to those around us.

God gave us a vision for Iris Central Coast Leaders School when we realized that thousands of godly, passionate people are stuck between called and commissioned! Many have been to amazing schools such as Iris Harvest School, YWAM DTS, BSSM, and other training centers but they still do not feel fully released into their destiny in God. Iris Central Coast Leaders School is designed to take you from where you’re at to then being launched into leadership. Previous graduates have started churches, ministries, Iris bases, businesses, and so on. We can’t wait to see what God will do with you as you enter into this unique training experience.

We believe that God is preparing His harvesters for a great end-time army that will touch every remaining people group in the world. We are committed to doing our part to empower a generation of laid-down lovers who will go to their neighbors and the nations. The U.S. is the 3rd largest English-speaking missions field in the world. Many other nations are now sending missionaries to North America. The West is part of this great harvest at the end of the age. We invite you to come join us in California and become part of this army that sees breakthrough and revival in the West!

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    Mark and Cheryl Perry & Iris Central Coast Leaders School Team

    Attending this school qualifies you to be a family member in Iris Global and to be sent from Everyday Church with a team of people to establish churches, bases, businesses, and/or ministries with Iris Global values and heartbeat. However, please note that each case is individual, and depending on students’ background and development during the school, there may or may not also be additional steps required before being sent out.